Case Study : Trauma

Case Study : Trauma


The employee was involved in a motor vehicle accident. At the time of the accident she was pregnant and lost her baby as a result. The loss of her unborn child and seriousness of the motor vehicle accident left her feeling vulnerable and helpless. She presented with trauma related symptoms such as insomnia, irritation, anxiety, feelings of guilt and flashbacks of the incident. She was also finding it difficult to return to work after the trauma that she experienced and was avoiding contact with her employer.


The employee was referred for face-to-face counselling and attended four sessions with the counsellor. These sessions focused on offering her containment, addressing unresolved childhood issues and being able to return to the workplace.


At the end of the therapeutic process, she noted that she felt relieved to be able to tell her story without being judged or questioned. She came to terms with her loss and returned to work. Although it is still difficult for the employee at times, she feels the counselling helped her in regaining hope.

Employee’s feedback

After the incident I was so angry and felt like my whole world came to an end, I was struggling to sleep and was irritated with my partner. It was difficult for me to explain to the counsellor how vulnerable and helpless the situation made me feel, but she did not push me and rather encouraged me to speak to one of the counsellors face-to-face.

The counsellor listened to me and gave me the opportunity to cry about the loss of my baby and some unresolved issues from the past. I have realised that what happened was not my fault. I am so thankful that I was able to regain hope for a bright and happy future.

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