Case Study : Work Conflict

Case Study : Work Conflict


The employee worked for the company for five years and he was always very happy until recent organisational changes resulted in him being moved to a new team. The employee made contact with Careways, indicating that he was experiencing problems with his team leader and also his colleagues.

During the initial contact with the Care Centre Consultant, the employee said he felt that his new team did not want to accept him as part of the team. He was in constant conflict with his team leader and was being threatened with grievance procedures by team members for voicing his opinion. This led to him feeling isolated and victimised. The employee did however acknowledge that his own communication skills might be lacking and he wanted to address this to see whether it would resolve his workplace issues rather than resigning from his company.


The objective of the therapeutic intervention was to provide the individual with effective communication and anger management skills. During the second session the counsellor advised the employee to request a meeting with his team leader and HR to discuss the workplace conflict and his perceptions of victimisation. The counsellor further asked him to listen during the meeting and acknowledge his own behaviours that could contribute to the conflict and also to not make his feedback or concerns personal, but based on fact.


During the third session the employee provided feedback to the counsellor, indicating that the meeting went very well and that he and his team leader had agreed on a plan to improve their own relationship and team perceptions going forward. Following this, the employee attended two additional sessions and at the end of the process he noted that he felt like his “old self” again, while working relationships and performance had increased significantly.

Employee’s feedback

In the past, I had always been a productive and happy employee. This changed early in 2016 when the company restructured and I was moved to a different team. I called Careways at the point where I was considering resignation as I felt isolated and victimised and I needed someone to listen to me.

I told the counsellor that I sometimes struggle to verbalise my thoughts and contain my anger. She said we could work on effective communication, and anger management skills, together. In our second session, the counsellor gave me some great advice. She said that I should arrange a meeting with my team leader and HR to explain to them how I perceive the workplace but to also get a sense of what their experiences are.

She reminded me to stay calm and listen to what is being said, to acknowledge when I recognise that my own behaviour contributed to conflict, to keep my own feedback to the facts and not make it personal. The meeting went very well and my team leader and I decided on a plan to improve our relationship and also my colleagues’ perceptions. I really appreciate the help that I got from Careways and I am feeling like my old self again.

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